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Provides system products to meet various manufacturing needs, based on over 40 years of 3D CAD/CAM/CAE development and support experiences.


The first original CAD/CAM system in Japan provides know-how obtained in over 40 years of interaction with customers.

Space-E Integrated CAD/CAM/CAE system achieving the 3D environment optimal for mold design and manufacturing
Space-E CAA V5 Add-on cavity/core design, mold design, and CAM functions to CATIA V5
Darwin Vue 3D communication tool


Provides simulation software available for metal forming, resin, structure analysis, and electromagnetic field analysis.

Simufact Forming Metal forming process simulation system
Simufact Welding Professional welding simulation system
Simufact Additive Metal additive manufacturing process simulation software
3D TIMON Resin flow analysis system
SIMULIA V5 ANALYSIS Realistic simulation
JMAG for CATIA V5 Electromagnetic field analysis software


Provides e-Learning systems for self-directed learning about die and mold on personal computers.

E-Trainer Basic education material for injection molding

Document Management

Provides a system that manages CAD data, drawings, and Microsoft Office documents

SPACE-Doc Easy PDM and document management
SPACE-Doc Smart! iPad version of SPACE-Doc
SPACE-Doc Smart! for iPhone iPhone version of SPACE-Doc

Digital Manufacturing

Enhances a link between product design and manufacturing processes to meet needs for more efficient manufacturing.

Process Designer/Teamcenter Manufacturing Process planning consideration simulation
Process Simulate Assembler Digital mock-up process simulation
Process Simulate Spot Robot process simulation
Process Simulate Human Human process simulation
ROBCAD/Spot Spot welding robot simulation
ROBCAD/Paint Painting robot simulation
FactoryCAD Factory shop floor 3D layout tool

Production Management System

Achieve integrated management of processes and progress for each product.

Dr. Koutei Production management system for the job-order manufacturing industry