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Easy PDM and document management

SPACE-Doc is a system that achieves easy and effective management and operation of various document data (such as CAD data, drawings, Microsoft Office documents, and images) located in an enterprise.

Linking to Applications to Increase Efficiency!

Preview functions of Space-E and Space-E/Draw*1

When a Space-E model (.mdp) is registered, Darwin view data is automatically generated.
When a Space-E/Draw model (.md) is registered, Tiff data is automatically generated.

3D model data or drawing data can be checked even on personal computers located at work sites or sales offices that do not have Space-E or Space-E/Draw licensing.

*1 The preview functions of Space-E and Space-E/Draw are optional.

Preview windows of Space-E (upper) and of Space-E/Draw (lower)
Preview windows of Space-E (upper)
and of Space-E/Draw (lower)

Previewing Microsoft Office documents in PDF files

When documents created in Word/Excel/PowerPoint are registered, their PDF files are automatically generated. You can preview the contents of the documents without starting Microsoft Office applications.
In addition, when you limit downloading of original data to a particular user group and publish the data to others in PDF files, safety of the original data can be kept.

Preview window of a Microsoft Office document
Preview window of a
Microsoft Office document

Automatic addition of search attributes*2

This function automatically extracts attributes from title fields of CAD drawing data or from Excel and can register them with SPACE-Doc. This operation can significantly save time to enter attributes and reduce errors in data entry.

*2 It is required to be customized separately.

Enhanced Security and Compliance!

Access right setting for safe collaboration

Edit/view/prohibit access rights to cabinets, folders, and documents can be given to a registered user (owner), a group including the owner, and users in another group.

Limiting a command available to each group

Permission to execute register, move, and delete commands can be set for each user group. When correct permission is given to a user, a compliance problem is cleared.

Changing a password periodically

Changing a user password, which is important in security, can be periodically performed.

Possible to publish only a confirmed document

If an incomplete document or not formally approved document is published, this may cause a trouble. A formal document or a document with a completed revision can be confirmed. Then, the display of only the confirmed documents can be set.

Using an operation log to inhibit fraud

Because a log of all operations performed on SPACE-Doc is recorded, even if data should be lost due to operational errors, the operations can be traced. In addition, this function serves as a deterrent against malicious improper data leakage.