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What is a mold?
Types of molds Casting mold, Forging, Press mold, Die cast mold, Plastic mold [EXERCISE] Types of molds
Injection molding Closing mold, Nozzle seating, Cooling, Mold opening [EXERCISE] Injection Movement of injection molding
Mechanism of Mold
Structure of Molds Two plate mold , Three plate mold, Runnerless mold [EXERCISE] Names of mold structure
Function of major parts Common parts, Ejector, Mold base, Slide core, Loose core [EXERCISE] Common parts, Ejector, Mold base, Slide core, Loose core
Movement of Mold Opening mold (start), Opening mold (Complete) , Ejecting part (start), Ejecting part (Complete), Ejecting part , closing mold (start), Closing mold (Complete), One cycle [EXERCISE] Sequence of mold movement
Role of Parts
Cavity and Core Cavity and Core, Type of insert, Making Inserts, Position of Inserts [EXERCISE] Type of Inserts
Runner System Runner , Gate, Parts of Sprue [EXERCISE] Shapes of Runner, Name of Gate
Undercut Process Outer Slide Core Method, Inner Slide, Hydraulic Cylinder Method [EXERCISE] Slide Core Setting, Loose Core Setting, Hydraulic Cylinder Calculation
Ejecting Parts Pin Ejection, Sleeve Pin Ejection, Stripper Plate Ejection, Compressed Air Ejection, Two-Stage Ejection, Hydraulic Ejection, Ejector Plate [EXERCISE] Type of Ejection, Selecting Ejector Plate Ejection Spring 1, Selecting Ejector Plate Ejection Spring 2, Selecting Gas Spring
Mold Cooling Position of Cooling Channel , Cavity Cooling, Core Cooling [EXERCISE] Core Cooling Method
Degassing and Air Venting What is degassing and Air Venting?, Design of Degassing and Air Venting [EXERCISE] Defect by Degassing and Air Venting
Considering Mold Dimension Mold Dimension , Possibility of Part Removal, Ejector Rod Position [EXERCISE] Mold Dimension
Determining Material of Mold Material Criteria, Types and Use of Material of Mold, Heat Treatment of Material [EXERCISE] Types for Material of Mold
Mold for Screw Thread Forming
Type of Screw, Molding Inner Screw, Positioning of Rotating Screw, Molding Outer Screw [EXERCISE] Name of Screw Thread Molding
Quality of Molded Parts
Quality of Molded Parts Quality of Molded Parts, Molding Process, How to improve the Quality? [EXERCISE] Quality of Molded Parts
Dimension of Parts Part Shrinkage Rate, Draft Angle, Flow Path Ratio [EXERCISE] Calculation of Part Shrinkage, Flow Path Ratio
Operation of Molding Machine
Installation of Mold Mold Installation , Mold Installation Steps, Mold installation Bolt [EXERCISE] Mold Installation Steps
Setting Molding Condition Injection Condition, Temperature Condition, Ejection Condition [EXERCISE] Caution for molding condition
Mechanical Structure of Molding Machine Injection device, Clamping device, Force and Transferring System, Electric Control device [EXERCISE] Calculation of Clamping Force
Characteristic of Plastic Work
Type of Plastic Thermoplastic, Thermosetting Plastic, Difference between crystalline plastic and non-crystalline plastic [EXERCISE] Type of Plastic
Property of Plastics Property of Plastic, Characteristics of Molding material in processing [EXERCISE] Property of Plastic
Molding Problems and Solution
Molding problems and Solution Sink Mark , Warp, Whitening, Weld line, Flash, Incomplete Filling, Jetting, Flow Mark [EXERCISE] Cause and Solution of Molding Problems
Technical Information
Proper Steel for major resin, Part Shrinkage rate, L/T (Flow Path Ratio) target, Tie Bar Distance, Mold Installation Bolt and the Clamping Force, Pressure inside cavity of Plastics, Molding Temperature, Comparison between direct pressure system & toggle system Examples of use of plastic material, Fusion point and Solidification temperature for each resin , Property of plastic

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