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Undercut Process

In this chapter you will learn about the process for an undercut part.

Undercut refers to the convex or concave area of part. When removing the part from the mold, you need some device so that the part of the mold which contacts to the undercut can be moved to remove the part from the mold since the part will not be removable directly without the device.
This process is called Undercut process.
Undercut process uses different methods depending upon whether the undercut is outside or inside the part.

Here are some examples of parts with undercut.

Push-pin Grip of a driver Grip of a cup

Now, let's learn about external slide core method, internal slide method, and hydraulic cylinder method of undercut process.

External Slide Core Method

The external slide core method is usually used for the process of outer undercut.
Working along with the open / close movement of a mold, this method slides the slide core to process the undercut.
The hydraulic cylinder method is also available, which will be explained in detail later