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Introduction to Our Business

We provide a wide variety of solutions to meet diverse requirements for manufacturing including products necessary for informatization of manufacturing.

Supporting the future of manufacturing with IT

Today, we are experiencing a dramatic change in the external environment for manufacturing. We see progress in digitization and technology innovations in the fields of artificial intelligence, production technology, and robots. In addition, we need to deal with resource constraints and changes in consumer needs.
Our total solution consists of "Software", "Service", and "System Integration". Using our expertise, our goal is to help customers digitize their manufacturing sites in this ever changing world.

System Integration

For customers who mainly handle manufacturing, we offer SI proposals and system structuring for the entire engineering processes from planning, designing, development, and production, through to commercial product maintenance, and for business processes that are at the core of companies such as personnel, accounting, and finance.


Based on our over 35 years of experience related to development and support for 3D CAD/CAM/CAE, we provide system products that meet the various need of the manufacturing industry.


We provide various services including solutions that can be used for trial production and mass production by utilizing 3D printers, cloud services, and consignment services for design and analysis.

Business history

1977 Manufactured the predecessors of PCs using micro computers, such as the ship stowage calculator "LOADOMETER400" and the optical character reader "XONDEX1100"
1982 Developed the first domestically produced 3D CAD system "GRADE/G" and started to sell it
1984 Started to sell the 3D CAM system "GRADE/NC"
1990 Started to sell the 3D GWS "GRADE/CUBE"
1992 "GRADE/CUBE" acquired the No. 1 domestic market share in the CAD/CAM mold market
1993 Started to sell "GRADE/HULL"
1997 Started to sell the additive manufacturing device EOSINT manufactured by EOS Established 1,100 GPS observation points all over Japan
1998 Started to sell the 3D CAD/CAM system "Space-E"
2000 Integrated the large-sized ERP system for the manufacturing industry
2001 "Space-E" acquired the No. 1 domestic market share in the CAD/CAM mold market
2002 Concluded the strategy partnership with Dassault Systèmes
2007 Concluded the contract for handling Simufact products in Japan with FEMUTEC Engineering Gmbh (current Simufact Engineering GmbH)
2013 Started the cloud service "Manufacturing-Space®" for the mold industry
2014 Started to sell the Biz ∫ template "Project-Space®" for the build-to-order manufacturing industry
2017 The number of customers of "Manufacturing-Space®" reached 700 companies.