Message from the President and Chief Executive Officer.

Kazuhisa Higashi

Providing total solutions:
Our founding ―and enduring―spirit

President and Chief Executive Officer

Kazuhisa Higashi

Since launching operations in the shipbuilding industry in 1977, we have evolved with our customers over more than 40 years in tireless pursuit of better manufacturing. Today, with our businesses now stretching into fields as diverse as automotive, equipment installation, construction work, engineering, and industrial machinery, we collaborate with over 2,000 manufacturers to create new value through powerful solutions.

The world is at a major turning point. Industries and societies are now embarking on digital transformations on a global scale, with network environments accelerating, making dramatic leaps forward, AI and robotics driving automation, the IoT taking shape, and a host of technologies charging into the future. As the social landscape takes on new contours, all of us at NTT DATA ENGINEERING SYSTEMS Corporation (NDES) need to be "True Innovators"―constantly, fearlessly tackling new technologies―to understand our customers' business at a fuller level and offer total solutions for whatever issues might emerge.

Looking ahead, we have our sights set on building the NDES brand around our unchanging corporate philosophy. Our vision centers on helping customers achieve meaningful digital transformations―and creating new value―by fusing our collective strengths together. From our trusted global partners in 14 countries, which we have collaborated with since our founding, and connections with partners in Japan to the assets of the NTT DATA Group, we have a plethora of resources to combine into extraordinary results with the power of cutting-edge technology.