No.7 | 社長インタビュー
人物写真 OPEN MIND社 シュウェンケルト社長


OPEN MIND was founded in Munich Germany in 1983 by the current President and CEO, Werner Schwenkert.


OPEN MINDは、現社長のウエルナー・シュウェンケルト氏が1983年ミュンヘンに設立されました。

Mr.Schwenkert is 49 of age and has studied Economicis and Physics at the Universities of Wurzburg and Munich. After in the field of communication and marketing of technical products.


Initially OPEN MIND Software Technologies GmbH concentrated on software development of CNC-Controls. In 1992 the award-winning OPEN MIND hyperTOOL-Concept was introduced for the factory automation world.

当初OPEN MINDソフトウエア・テクノロジーは、コンピュータ数値制御システムの開発に専念し、1992年、受賞製品OPEN MIND hyperTOOL-Conceptを工場自動化のため導入しました。

OPEN MIND software licences have now been sold in more than 50 countries and OPEN MIND is as well development partner as supplier for leading companies like Autodesk, Daimler-Benz Aerospace, Ford Motor Company, Hewlett- Packard, Mercedes-Benz AG, Siemens AG and others.

OPEN MINDソフトウエアのライセンスは、今では50カ国以上の国で販売され、Autodesk, Daimler-Benz Aerospace, Ford Motor, Hewlett-Packard, Mercedes-Benz AG, Siemens AGその他の一流企業の開発パートナーであり納入業者でもあります。

More than 200 authorized OPEN MIND dealers sell OPEN MIND products world-wide. In 1996 OPEN MIND founded a subsidiary company in the USA and in 1997 the Asia/Pacific Company in Singapore.

世界中で200以上のOPEN MIND公認ディーラが、OPEN MINDの製品を販売しており、1996年米国に子会社を設立、1997年シンガポールにAsia/PacificCompanyを設立しています。

Today OPEN MIND has turned to the 3D market with its CAM solutions integrated to products form CATIA, AutoDesk and HP. It has grown rapidly so that it now has 1900 users in Europe, 400 in the U.S. and 700 in the Far East.


OPEN MIND has distribution worldwide with HZS being their exclusive partner in Japan. HZS was very fortunate to have Mr. Schwenkert attend TECHNO FUSION in Tokyo and to spend the time for the following interview.

OPEN MINDは全世界に販売網があり、HZSは日本の総代理店になっています。東京のTECHNO FUSIONにシュウェンケルト社長をお迎えできましたので、以下のお話しをお伺いしました。

HZS取締役社長 桑木

What is the trend in the European Automobile Industry?

European, U.S. and Japanese Automobile industries are basically the same. Germany/Europe learned a lot from Japan in the last few years in the area of manufacturing and organization. Do you know that Porsche has hired Japanese consultants? Areas such as Kanban were very valuable for German automobile manufacturers to lean and understand.



Politics of worldwide car manufacturing is the same. There are many different models of special types of cars with broad niche markets, for example fun cars. With this situation, time to market becomes the most important factor for succeeding in business. This is where we are talking about CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototyping to make this time to market as short as possible.


CAD/CAM and machining have been influenced by new approaches to reducing the design and manufacturing time. An approach that started in Europe in the last few years, large die casting would take two to three months to make models from wood and today they are done a new way. They are constructed in mockup solids with CAD/CAM and are milled in form. This form model now takes about one week, which is a big success. This means a new way to design, constructed with mockup and solids, new ways of milling and new machines to mill form.

CAD/CAMと加工分野で、設計と加工時間を短縮する新しい試みが行われています。ここ数年ヨーロッパで始まった方法です。従来ですと大型の木製の型を作るのに2~3ヶ月かかったものが、今は新しい方法で、 CAD/CAMシステムを使いソリッドの模型を作り、型に削り出します。このデザイン型が1週間でできるようになったため、非常に大きな成功を収めました。つまり、ソリッドの模型が作成できる新しい設計法、新しい切削法、デザイン型を削り出す新しい加工マシンで実現できたのです。

This process in Germany is called AWS and is used by American auto companies, European auto companies and maybe soon Japanese auto companies. The process influences a lot of things, including the way models are constructed and their 1 & 2 suppliers.

この新しい方法はドイツではAWSと呼ばれ、米国とヨーロッパの自動車メーカがすでに採用しており、やがて日本の自動車メーカも使い出すでしょう。このAWS方式は、型の作り方、第一・ 第二サプライヤを含め多くのことに影響を及ぼしました。

The above has changed the landscape and the big winner is Daussalt (CATIA). Some automobile companies have decided on CATIA as their information backbone. Daussalt is working with BMW, Chrysler, Fiat, VW/Audi. Maybe Mercedes and maybe Mitsubishi. Buying SolidWorks strengthens Daussalt position against rivals such as Parametric Technology and Autodesk.


What is happening in the CAD/CAM Industry?

There is a momentum in the market that says, lets look to Solids. Years ago everyone jump into solids without seeing the limitation that solids have in the construction and design process. This is why I feel HZS is going the right way, having a hybrid system. I think it is a big advantage of HZS policy, not only to concentrate on solids but to also concentrate on surfaces because now everyone knows the weak points of solids. In the end you need surfaces and surface design.



Important decisions are being made in the Auto industry now. Companies have two possibilities to get the best tools for parts of the process.


- Buy best in class and through data interchanges create a design and manufacturing systems.


- Use one data module and all componet software must be integrated with the data module. There should be no interfaces which means no lost data and no lost time and information. This has a big effect on their 1 and their 2 suppliers because they have to be integrated into this data process chain.Proprietary systems may be good but if they are not integrated they are not useful.


PDM will also be a decision process for big companies as to whether to develop their own product or to buy from PDM companies.


Reviewing what European car companes are doing in CAD/CAM.

BMW:All programs should integrate to CATIA database



They want to avoid data interchange


Daimler Benz:Renewing work with CATIA

Daimler Benz:CATIAに入れ替え中。

Mercedes will develop their own low end system based on Autodesk


Mercedes will develop their own point solutions.


VW/Audi:Body design will be done with CATIA


Engine and drive train division will use Pro Engineer


ICEM SURF is used in conceptual design

ICEM SURFを概念設計に。

Fiat:Has decided to commit to CATIA as primary system


Pugeot/Renault:Uses Matra, Computervision and CATIA



Strategy of OPEN MIND

OPEN MIND is dedicated only to CAM and believes in the following:


OPEN MINDはCAMにのみ専念し、以下に立脚しています。

- User interfaces and providing the tools

- ユーザインターフェイスとそのツール

- Object orienteted software and C and C++

- 物体志向ソフト、CとC++

- Open systems (OPEN is in our company name) This means interoperability with all systems.

- 開かれたシステム(社名にもOPENが使われています)つまりすべてのシステムと相互作動可能であること。

- Process optimization, which means connectivity to all other systems.

- 工程の最良化。つまり他のシステムすべてと連結可能であること。

With regards to tools for interoperability, STEP may become a factor.STEP is a good idea but companies are taking a wait and see attitude. STEP is being used mainly by the large automobile companies to transfer data.


High speed machining is having a big impact in the time to market area and CAM area. Special functionality is needed and is now offered in the latest release of hyperMILL. This also means that new machine controllers that are based on nurbs are needed.

現在、高速加工は需要前線とCAM分野で注目を集めています。特別な機能が必要で、hyperMILL の最新バージョンでリリースされています。つまりNURBSをベースとした新しい切削制御システムも必要であるということです。


- Seimens has licensed OPEN MIND software tools for their new controller

OPEN MINDからのお知らせ

- SeimensはOPEN MINDの新しい制御システム用にライセンスを供与しています。

- Tecnomatix is licensing OPEN MIND CAM tools

- TecnomatixはOPEN MINDの複数CAMツール用にライセンスを供与しています。

- ISD (PC Draft) will license OPEN MIND technology for their next generation 3D modeler.

- ISD(PC Draft)はOPEN MINDの次世代三次元モデラー用にライセンスを供与しています。