Cloud service for the manufacturing industry

Features of Manufacturing-Space

Dear manufacturing enterprises that are pursuing a product and system with more added value, do you have worries about costs required for data management and maintenance, and worries about operation and security?

Manufacturing-Space has the advantage of surviving the passage of time!
NTT DATA ENGINEERING SYSTEMS Corporation provides an optimal cloud-based service to resolve customers' worries.
This service will reduce costs to improve productivity.
To make all data available anytime and anywhere more freely!
Manufacturing-Space will resolve various worries.

Reducing Costs

Manufacturing-Space can reduce not only running costs but also introduction costs.
You can have the option of selecting the capacity and the number of users of Manufacturing-Space.

Sharing Data

Viewing of model shapes is achieved without a CAD system. You can also write comments.
Preview functions of main CAD systems are supported. Access to data is available anytime and anywhere.
Abundant functions are also attractive.

2D/3D CAD viewer Support for multi-CAD

Annotation function Writing comments to view data


The data center of the NTT data group is used. A safe and reliable storage place is kept. Security measures, precautions against viruses, and BCP measures are safely taken.

Data Management

Data from sales information to design/production information is centrally managed.
You can transfer large-capacity data without feeling stress.

This is a data concierge service having an easy access right control function and achieves centralized management and efficient use of data.

Various Services of Manufacturing-Space

  • Data concierge service
    Effective use of data assets and BCP measures!
    Past data stored in a folder structure can be managed on a cloud without changing them.
    This service is linked to another service to enable effective use of data assets.
    No server is required. This eliminates the need for personnel and facilities for integration and management, which can result in reducing costs.
    • The robust data center of the NTT data group manages customers' data.
    • Data is managed in a redundant architecture at many sites. In the event of disaster, customers' valuable data will not be lost.
  • Cloud network licensing service
    Licensing is available flexibly on any machine inside and outside a company.
    CAD/CAM systems are available without fixing machines by the number of contracted machines.
    • For cloud network licensing, used machines are not fixed. If a machine is damaged, you can continue to work on another machine.
    • CAD/CAM systems are available anywhere inside and outside a company when there is a machine connected to the Internet.
  • CL calculation service
    CAM paths can be calculated in the cloud service.
    • If machines used for calculation are insufficient, a cloud server calculates paths as a proxy.
    • Redundant machines for calculation are not required for a busy period.
  • Data quality control service "CAD data checker"
    When 3D CAD data provided from a client is registered with (uploaded to) the "data concierge service" of Manufacturing-Space, the quality of a 3D CAD model can be automatically checked.
    When you specify a target file if necessary, this service can automatically modify incorrect parts.
    Use of the "CAD data checker" can inhibit modeling work losses and deterioration of data quality for data transfer.
    This service uses "CADdoctor" and "ASFALIS" provided by Elysium Co. Ltd.
  • Analysis service
    In this service, you can use the resin flow analysis "TMD-FLOW" as a plastic mold simulation tool on a cloud. You can use this service in a monthly subscription fee system for your purpose and frequency of use.
    Providing the service has been achieved thanks to the business alliance with TORAY ENGINEERING CO., LTD. that developed it.
  • Reverse engineering service "Auto Surface"
    This service achieves extraction of areas and automatic creation of surfaces available for reverse requirements, such as restoring actual products or applying modified parts to CAD.
    The "Auto Surface" service uses a hi-spec server on a cloud to automatically convert STL data to IGES data. When the converted IGES data is imported to CAD, you can edit 3D models.
  • Communication service "Multi-Viewer Plus"
    Sharing images and information makes it possible to facilitate communication.
    In the "Multi-Viewer Plus" service, meeting functions have been added to one of the features of the data concierge service, "CAD multi-viewer".
    There are various functions suited for meetings such as a measuring function, a communication function for recording interaction in a meeting, and a 3D comment writing tool.