Basic education material for injection molding

  • E-Trainer Basics of Injection Molding (English version)

"E-Trainer Basics of Injection Molding" is an e-learning, visually easy-to-understand education material that beginners can learn with pleasure on a self-taught basis.

Features of the Material

Easy operation with hyperlinks

Learning contents (table of contents) of each chapter are displayed to the left side on a page. Click a subject, and learning contents of the subject are displayed. You can also click a keyword in a sentence to see a word guide.

Easy operation with hyperlinks

Understanding motions by referring to animations

It is difficult to explain motions of a mold or a part in paper materials, but you can understand them visually by referring to animations.

Easy operation with hyperlinks

Doing exercises to check a degree of achievement

You can do exercises in a quiz format with pleasure to check a degree of achievement.
If you cannot understand exercises, you can also view a hint page.

Easy operation with hyperlinks