Iron Construction Production Design Service

Full-scale processing service for all steel structures such as bridges and steel frames


  • Performs full-scale processing for all steel structures such as bridges and steel frames.
  • Uses a special CAD system and flatbed drawing machine to provide an entrustment service for creating drawings and lists required for manufacturing at factories for customers' needs.
  • Handles machining information such as component information, CL data, and DL data to support factory automation.

Our Advantages

  • Technologies from the days of Hitachi Zosen Corporation are inherited.
  • We have over 20 years of experience on actual production design using CAD.
  • We offer the service with the largest-class processing capacity in Japan.
  • We can propose various ideas to meet customers' needs, based on abundant knowledge from experience and experimental rules built up over many years.
  • We have actual results of production design in a synthetic panel version as an approach to a new method of construction.