Beagle Mobile

iPad application that can be used to display data from the 3D hull viewer "Beagle View"

What's Beagle Mobile

Beagle Mobile is a viewer application on iPad which can display 3D ship hull data of "Beagle View". You can use this application for confirming shapes or parts and instructing occupations to workers in a ship building yard. This application can display 2D data as well as 3D data stored in the server system "SPACE-Doc".

Main features of Beagle Mobile

  • You can load and display 3D ship hull data via network. You can refer thumb nails for selecting data.
  • You can change view (rotate, zoom up and down, move) by touch operations easily.
  • It is easy to change views between the 3D view and the 2D view.
  • This application stores cache data so that you can display data in offline environment.
Main features of Beagle Mobile